What Are The Best Outdoor Gyms In The World?

People all over the world are getting back to basics when it comes to exercising. Working out at an outdoor gym provides the best combination of physical intensity with the fresh air that you get out under the sun. Here are some of the best outdoor gyms available all over the world.

Green Heart at Shaw Park, Hull, United Kingdom

Shaw Park was the first human energy powered outdoor gym in UK.  It’s in the UK’s first Eco wellness Zone. There are different equipment in the outdoor gym starting from hand bike to recumbent bike. While the participant burn calories on these bikes they help in charging the central battery that lights the area during night. Users can also charge their cell phones there. In future it has plans of extending this energy to the national grid.

Muscle Beach Gym, Venice Beach, California

One of the most popular outdoor gym in the world where not only tourists visits every year but celebrities have used the equipment too. Different celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clark Gable, Kirk Douglas, and Jayne Mansfield have worked out in this outdoor gym. This gym not only has the best equipment but trainers who helps one work out extensively for shaping their physique. It also has gymnastics, acrobat bars and rope climbing equipment. Tourists can enter this gym by buying the daily pass for members there is a nominal charge for their membership.

Kachalka Muscle Beach in Kiev, Ukraine

The outdoor gym in Ukraine is located at the banks of Dnieper River is was opened about 35 years ago. This is a more than 10000 square feet in area and provides free access to anyone who wants to practice work out and get in shape. This is quite contrast to the Muscle Beach gym in California. All the equipment at Kachalka is made from recycled and old components and getting a view of it without people exercising will make one feel like it’s a junkyard.

Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand

For the MMA aficionados the Tiger Muay Thai is the perfect gym. The members can learn martial arts while they join this outdoor gym. It is much like the gym at Ukraine in the style that it too is made up of all junk components be that their punching bags or other gym equipment. Members of this need not always have to be interested in martial arts. Those who do not want can focus on regular workout or even practice Yoga there.