What Are The Best Acrylic Paints For Wood?

Many people think that for their wood the best choice is oil paints, but once you try any acrylic paints you will change your opinion. If you choose a quality acrylic paint then you will be able to get the advantages too. Like any acrylic finish will retain its sheen and color for longer period, compared to oil paints. Not only this, water based acrylic paints are quite flexible too and it gets contracted or expanded as the wood gets along with the temperature change. Acrylic paints are easier to use and the luster that they leave behind is indeed great.

Things to notice before buying acrylic paint

Before you buy acrylic paint there are few things that must be considered so that you get the best colors for wood. Here they are

  • Quality of the paint is most important. There are different kind of acrylic paint available and for applying it on the wood you need to buy the professional ones. The pigments of quality acrylic paint is more saturated and once you apply you can get better results.
  • The next consideration should be permanence that is the light fastness. In simple words you can consider it that how long will the paint stay. When paint is exposed to sun and other elements it will gradually fade in color. A good paint with high permanence will last longer.
  • Viscosity or the thickness of the paint is also important. You must consider one that is ideal for the wood the viscosity should be average and not too much as you will not be suing water while applying it on the wood.
  • Hue of the paint is the next consideration and you must remember that the color that you choose for the wood must go with other decor of the room.

The best acrylic paints

After you know the considerations you will be able to choose among the different acrylic paint available. Still for your reference here are few that are considered great in the market after they have been used.

  • Liquitex basics acrylic that is quite heavy and its best while give strong strokes on the wood. They are available in different hues and you can choose one among them.
  • Golden fluid acrylics I quite popular because of the flexibility that it gives to the paint. Once you apply it you do not have to worry about the paint during the temperature change.