The Tower 200 by Jake Tower and Randy Couture Reviewed

The tower 200, as claimed by the designers of the body building and strength building tool, can give you great body, developed muscles, and amazing shape, when you invest just 11 minutes per head in it. Bigger, stronger, and physically harder is what one is supposed to feel after investing regularly this much time on working out with the Tower 200. And then product is endorsed by Randy Couture who is famous for being a champion in UFC and mixed martial arts. And this is one of the biggest reasons the product looks so promising. That’s why the Tower 200 is reviewed here.

Features of the workout tool at a glance

The workout tool by Jake Tower and Randy Couture comes with the following features:

  • A home gym design that is suited for use with a door at home
  • Exercises the upper and lower body
  • Can be fitted on any kind of door in just seconds, and sliding installation takes no effort
  • Power cords with multi tension offers resistance of 200 pounds
  • More than 200 types of exercises can be done with it


This is a body building tool aimed to give your limbs enough workout for muscle building. There are two power cords in it, that are multi tension and needs to be pulled and stretched in various ways to workout your hands and feet. Basic and advanced, all kinds of exercises can be performed using it. And there are more than 200 exercises listed in a manual provided with the kit, which can all be performed. The Tower 200 has to be fixed on to a door any kind of door, hinged or sliding can have this thing fixed on to it. It has a distinct steel frame, which would not let it interfere with the appearance or frame of the door, and avoid confusions.

The package contents

The Tower 200 kit contains the following:

  • The Tower 200
  • A pair of hand grips
  • A pair of ankle straps
  • A guide for starting with it
  • Chart of exercises
  • Tower 200 DVD

What users are saying about it

Users have liked two things about the Tower 200. The first thing is its simple design which helps with lower and upper limb workout and strength training at home with utter simple setup. Next is the really small time dedication of 11 minutes which it demands from users to give a stronger, harder, and bigger physique soon.